3 Tips to find an Anesthesia Job.

Looking for a company that you love isn’t always easy to find. When looking for a job, it is important to really define your career goals, what you are seeking in an employer in addition to understanding what type of environment will ensure your success. People that love their jobs seek out opportunities within their career where they can utilize their talents and strengths. Isn’t everyone more productive when they’re doing what they do best?

Below are 3 tips to assist you in finding a job you will enjoy:

1. Ask questions

You should NOT be the only one answering questions in an interview? Ask the interviewee how long they have worked there, why they stay and what they like best and least about the company. The answers they give you will tell you much of what you need to know to make an informed decision.

2. Assume Autonomy to get Autonomy

As an anesthesiologist or CRNA, you may not be able to control every aspect of your job but you can advocate for getting the types of cases or assignments that you enjoy and find rewarding. By demonstrating you have the necessary talent, you will likely be given more autonomy. The level of autonomy you are given is determined by the company you work for and more specifically, the leadership in place.

3. Find yourself a great leader

Leadership plays a significant role in organizational culture and your working environment. It is important to work for a company that invests in leaders who understand and respect staff in addition to developing a culture that makes their team enthusiastic about the future. You will want to work alongside a leader that values the importance of developing your talent and takes an interest in your career growth. When a company invests in its employees it invests in itself – creating a supportive environment which is fundamental to loving your job.

Rely on your intuition and your gut when choosing a place that feels good to work for and where you feel you can connected with the people you’ll be working with. When deciding where to work you should even risk making a lateral job change to work for a great company that offers a better opportunity – many times, it will pay off in a big way.

Great leaders are innovative and energetic. They see the whole picture and have great foresight. They look at things differently, and they teach us to look at things differently as well. They are decision makers with ethics, integrity, and honesty.

When you are interviewing, remember that salary and benefits are important, but finding a company to work for that you will truly LOVE is the most important aspect of your selection process.